This page contains live clocks and time zone abbreviations along with thier differences with GMT time.
  The most important time zone is GMT, All time zones are either added or subtracted their respected time
  based on Greenwich Meantime.
  • GMT is an abbreviation for Greenwich Meantime
  • This is the time zone from which all other time zones are measured against. Other time zones will be
    either ahead (+) or behind (-) Greenwich Meantime.
  • Greenwich Meantime is also known as Greenwich Meridian Line as Greenwich Meantime is measured
    against the line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England which is a borough (neighbourhood)
    of London.
  • The Royal Observatory was created in 1675 to help sailors calculate time at sea.
  • Greenwich Meantime is 0º longitude which is an imaginary line that goes from the North Pole to the
    South Pole.
  • GMT is also known as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and Zulu Time. Zulu Time is also referred to
    as Z—Time which is an aviation time code.

 Live clocks:
Hyderabad/Srikakulam :   
Albuquerque My Server Time :   
Redmond :   
Philadelphia :   
New York :   
Los Angeles :   
San Francisco :   
London :   
Tokyo :   
Singapore :   
Cape Town :   
Sydney :   
Lahore :   
Colombo :