List of states & capitals in United States

S.No State Capital City Abbreviation
(1) Alabama Montgomery AL
(2) Alaska Juneau AK
(3) Arizona Phoenix AZ
(4) Arkansas Little Rock AR
(5) California Sacramento CA
(6) Colorado Denver CO
(7) Connecticut Hartford CT
(8) Delaware Dover DE
(9) Florida Tallahassee FL

(10) Georgia Atlanta GA
(11) Hawaii Honolulu HI
(12) Idaho Boise ID
(13) Illinois Springfield IL
(14) Indiana Indianapolis IN
(15) Iowa Des Moines IA
(16) Kansas Topeka KS
(17) Kentucky Frankfort KY
(18) Louisiana Baton Rouge LA
(19) Maine Augusta ME
(20) Maryland Annapolis MD
(21) Massachusetts Boston MA
(22) Michigan Lansing MI
(23) Minnesota St. Paul MN
(24) Mississippi Jackson MS
(25) Missouri Jefferson City MO
(26) Montana Helena MT
(27) Nebraska Lincoln NE
(28) Nevada Carson City NV
(29) New Hampshire Concord NH

(30) New Jersey Trenton NJ
(31) New Mexico Santa Fe NM
(32) New York Albany NY
(33) North Carolina Raleigh NC
(34) North Dakota Bismarck ND
(35) Ohio Columbus OH
(36) Oklahoma Oklahoma City OK
(37) Oregon Salem OR
(38) Pennsylvania Harrisburg PA
(39) Rhode Island Providence RI
(40) South Carolina Columbia SC
(41) South Dakota Pierre SD
(42) Tennessee Nashville TN
(43) Texas Austin TX
(44) Utah Salt Lake City UT
(45) Vermont Montpelier VT
(46) Virginia Richmond VA
(47) Washington Olympia WA
(48) West Virginia Charleston WV
(49) Wisconsin Madison WI
(50) Wyoming Cheyenne WY

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