Different Time Zones

This page different time zone abbreviations along with thier differences with GMT time.
The most important time zone is GMT, All time zones are either added or subtracted their respected time based on Greenwich Meantime.

  • GMT is an abbreviation for Greenwich Meantime
  • This is the time zone from which all other time zones are measured against. Other time zones will be either ahead (+) or behind (-) Greenwich Meantime.
  • Greenwich Meantime is also known as Greenwich Meridian Line as Greenwich Meantime is measured against the line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England which is a borough (neighbourhood)
    of London.
  • The Royal Observatory was created in 1675 to help sailors calculate time at sea.
  • Greenwich Meantime is 0º longitude which is an imaginary line that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole.
  • GMT is also known as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and Zulu Time. Zulu Time is also referred to as Z—Time which is an aviation time code.

Code Definition GMT
ACDT Australian Central Daylight Time +10:30
ACIT Ashmore and Cartier Islands Time +8:00
ACST Australian Central Standard Time +9:30
ACT Acre Time -5
ACWDT Australian Central Western Daylight Time +9:45
ACWST Australian Central Western Standard Time +8:45
ADT Arabia Daylight Time +4
ADT Atlantic Daylight Time -3
AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Time +11
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time +10

AFT Afghanistan Time +4:30
AKDT Alaska Daylight Time -8
AKST Alaska Standard Time -9
AMDT Armenia Daylight Time +5
AMST Armenia Standard Time +4
ANAST Anadyr’ Summer Time +13
ANAT Anadyr’ Time +12
APO Apo Island Time +8:15
ARDT Argentina Daylight Time -2
ART Argentina Time -3
AST Al Manamah Standard Time +3
AST ArabiArabia Standard Time +3
AST Arabic Standard Time +3
AST Atlantic Standard Time -4
AWDT Australian Western Daylight Time +9
AWST Australian Western Standard Time +8
AZODT Azores Daylight Time 0
AZOST Azores Standard Time -1
AZST Azerbaijan Summer Time +5
AZT Azerbaijan Time +4
BIT Baker Island Time -12
BDT Bangladesh Time +6
BEST Brazil Eastern Standard Time -2
BDT Brunei Time +8
BIOT British Indian Ocean Time +6
BOT Bolivia Time -4
BRST Brazilia Summer Time -2
BRT Brazilia Time -3
BST British Summer Time +1
BTT Bhutan Time +6
BWDT Brazil Western Daylight Time -3
BWST Brazil Western Standard Time -4
CAST Chinese Antarctic Standard Time +5
CAT Central Africa Time +2
CCT Cocos Islands Time +6:30
CDT Central Daylight Time -5

CEST Central Europe Summer Time +2
CET Central Europe Time +1
CGST Central Greenland Summer Time -2
CGT Central Greenland Time -3
CHADT Chatham Island Daylight Time +13:45
CHAST Chatham Island Standard Time +12:45
ChST Chamorro Standard Time +10
CIST Clipperton Island Standard Time -8
CKT Cook Island Time -10
CLDT Chile Daylight Time -3
CLST Chile Standard Time -4
COT Colombia Time -5
CST Central Standard Time -6
CST China Standard Time +8
CVT Cape Verde Time -1
CXT Christmas Island Time +7
DAVT Davis Time +7
DTAT District de Terre Adélie Time +10
EADT Easter Island Daylight Time -5
EAST Easter Island Standard Time -6
EAT East Africa Time +3
ECT Ecuador Time -5
EDT Eastern Daylight Time -4
EEST Eastern Europe Summer Time +3
EET Eastern Europe Time +2
EGT Eastern Greenland Time -1
EGST Eastern Greenland Summer Time 0
EKST East Kazakhstan Standard Time +6
EST Eastern Standard Time -5
FJT Fiji Time +12
FKDT Falkland Island Daylight Time -3
FKST Falkland Island Standard Time -4
GALT Galapagos Time -6
GET Georgia Standard Time +4
GFT French Guiana Time -3
GILT Gilbert Island Time +12
GIT Gambier Island Time -9
GMT Greenwich Meantime 0
GST Gulf Standard Time +4
GST South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands -2
GYT Guyana Time -4
HADT Hawaii - Aleutian Daylight Time -9
HAST Hawaii - Aleutian Standard Time -10
HKST Hong Kong Standard Time +8
HMT Heard and McDonald Islands Time +5
ICT Îles Crozet Time +4
ICT Indochina Time +7
IDT Ireland Daylight Time +1
IDT Israel Daylight Time +3
IRDT Îran Daylight Time +4:30
IRKST Irkutsk Summer Time +9
IRKT Irkutsk Time +8
IRST Îran Standard Time +3:30
IST Indian Standard Time +5:30
IST Ireland Standard Time 0
IST Israel Standard Time +2
JFDT Juan Fernandez Islands Daylight Time -3
JFST Juan Fernandez Islands Standard Time -4
JST Japan Standard Time +9
KGST Kyrgyzstan Summer Time +6
KGT Kyrgyzstan Time +5
KRAST Krasnoyarsk Summer Time +8
KRAT Krasnoyarsk Time +7
KOST Kosrae Standard Time +11
KOVT Khovd Time +7
KOVST Khovd Summer Time +8
KST Korea Standard Time +9
LHDT Lord Howe Daylight Time +11
LHST Lord Howe Standard Time +10:30
LINT Line Island Time +14
LKT Sri Lanka Time +6
MAGST Magadan Island Summer Time +12
MAGT Magadan Island Time +11
MAWT Mawson Time +6
MBT Macclesfield Bank Time +8
MDT Mountain Daylight Time -6
MIT Marquesas Islands Time -9:30
MHT Marshall Islands Time +12
MMT Myanmar Time +6:30
MNT Mongolia Time +8
MNST Mongolia Summer Time +9
MSD Moscow Summer Time +4
MSK Moscow Standard Time +3
MST Mountain Standard Time -7
MUST Mauritius Summer Time +5
MUT Mauritius Time +4
MVT Maldives Time +5
MYT Malaysia Time +8

NCT New Caledonia Time +11
NDT Newfoundland Daylight Time -2:30
NFT Norfolk Time +11:30
NPT Nepal Time +5:45
NRT Nauru Time +12
NOVST Novosibirsk Summer Time +7
NOVT Novosibirsk Time +6
NST Newfoundland Standard Time -3:30
NUT Niue Time -11
NZDT New Zealand Daylight Time +13
NZST New Zealand Standard Time +12
OMSK Omsk Summer Time +7
OMST Omsk Standard Time +6
PDT Pacific Daylight Time -7
PETST Petropavlovsk Summer Time +13
PET Peru Time -5
PETT Petropavlovsk Time +12
PGT Papua New Guinea Time +10
PHOT Phoenix Island Time +13
PHT Philippines Time +8
PIT Peter Island Time -6
PIT Pratas Islands +8
PKT Pakistan Time +5
PKST Pakistan Summer Time +6
PMDT Pierre & Miquelon Daylight Time -2
PMST Pierre & Miquelon Standard Time -3
PONT Pohnpei Standard Time +11
PST Pacific Standard Time -8
PST Pitcairn Standard Time -8
PWT Palau Time +9
PYST Paraguay Summer Time -3
PYT Paraguay Time -4
RET Réunion Time +4
ROTT Rothera Time -3
SAMST Samara Summer Time +5
SAMT Samara Time +4
SAST South Africa Standard Time +2
SBT Solomon Island Time +11
SCDT Santa Claus Delivery Time +13
SCST Santa Claus Standard Time +12
SCT Seychelles Time +4
SGT Singapore Time +8
SIT Spratly Islands Time +8
SLT Sierra Leone Time 0
SRT Suriname Time -3
SST Samoa Standard Time -11
SST Scarborough Shoal Time +8
SYST Syrian Summer Time +3
SYT Syrian Standard Time +2
TAHT Tahiti Time -10
TFT French Southern and Antarctic Time +5
TJT Tajikistan Time +5
TKT Tokelau Time -10
TMT Turkmenistan Time +5
TOT Tonga Time +13
TPT East Timor Time +9
TRUT Truk Time +10
TVT Tuvalu Time +12
TWT Taiwan Time +8
UTC Universal Coordinated Time 0
UYT Uruguay Standard Time -3

UYST Uruguay Summer Time -2
UZT Uzbekistan Time +5
VLAST Vladivostok Summer Time +11
VLAT Vladivostok Time +10
VOST Vostok Time +6
VST Venezuela Standard Time -4:30
VUT Vanuatu Time +11
WAST Western Africa Summer Time +2
WAT Western Africa Time +1
WEST Western Europe Summer Time +1
WET Western Europe Time 0
WFT Wallis and Futuna Time +12
WIB Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat +7
WIT Waktu Indonesia Bagian Timur +9
WITA Waktu Indonesia Bagian Tengah +8
WKST West Kazakhstan Standard Time +5
YAKST Yakutsk Summer Time +10
YAKT Yakutsk Time +9
YAPT Yap Time +10
YEKST Yekaterinburg Summer Time +6
YEKT Yekaterinburg Time +5

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