Multiple update conditions in single query

	Assume we have a table called Suppliers(Supp_Id varchar2(10), Supp_Name varchar2(50)) having the following data.
Supp_Id Supp_Name
supp1 TCS
supp2 Wipro
	Prob: I want to modify "TCS" with "Tata Consultancy Services" and "Wipro" with "Wipro Technologies" in a single query.

	Sol: UPDATE Suppliers SET Supp_Name=
                                               WHEN supp_name='TCS' then 'TataConsultancyServices' 
                                               WHEN supp_name='Wipro' then 'Wipro Technologies'
                                       WHERE supp_name IN('TCS','Wipro');

	Note:IN clause is optional to escape the query from being updated all the records.